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First and foremost, what is alarm monitoring? Alarm monitoring is the communication between a security system and a central station of the security provider. Once an abnormal event occurs, in which alarms are triggered, a signal is immediately sent to the security company, so the proper authorities are notified. Wholesale alarm monitoring, on the other hand, is alarm monitoring on a larger scale. Instead of monitoring on a per-house basis, wholesale alarm monitoring companies are central stations that track the security events of entire communities or villages. They also work hand-in-hand with security system retailers to bring customers the best service possible.


Benefits of Wholesale Alarm Monitoring

Wholesale alarm monitoring benefits both security system retailers and their clients. An example of a wholesale alarm monitoring firm would be Dynamark Monitoring – a company that ensures the success of retailers and the safety of their clients.

Some benefits that most wholesale alarm monitoring firms provide are (1) competitive rates; (2) state-of-the-art technology; (3) quick responses; (4) online account management; and (5) sales and marketing support. With all these benefits, account sellers are never at the losing end.

The first benefit that a wholesale alarm monitoring company provides would be competitive monitoring rates. Because these firms hold a number of accounts, they have more flexibility in providing cheaper rates. Depending on the number of clients a specific account seller has, discounts, promos and markdowns may apply.

The second benefit would be that these monitoring firms have the latest monitoring technology. With their growing client bases, wholesale alarm monitoring companies need to continue updating their devices to ensure quality service. With the continual update of monitoring equipment, these firms ensure that authorities will be alerted as soon as possible, in the event of an emergency.

Which leads us to the next benefit – the updated technology allows firms to ensure fast response times. Fast response times are norms in most wholesale alarm monitoring firms. When a firm is responsible for monitoring an entire community, they tend to make sure that service is provided instantly so as to reduce possibilities for injuries and losses.

Another benefit available in most companies would be online monitoring of specific accounts by the retailer. Clients may also have access to the history of their own accounts – this shows past emergencies, specific dates when alarms were triggered and other information. Online monitoring allows for better response times and a more comprehensive record, in case an investigation should be necessary.

A benefit uniquely available to Dynamark Monitoring would be sales and marketing support. Dynamark Monitoring is a firm that helps retailers by teaching them how to sell their security systems efficiently and effectively.

Security systems are becoming more necessary as the world becomes even more dangerous than it was before. Wholesale alarm monitoring allows for better protection for those who have purchased reliable security systems by monitoring the activity per home or establishment.