By: Dan Darty On: June 26, 2017 In: Dealer Only Blog, Dynamark All Users Comments: 0

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Hillcrest Davidson & Associates (HDA) has been the #1 collection agency for over 7 years.  With over 25 combined years between the 3 ownership partners (specifically in the alarm industry), HDA understands the needs of the alarm dealers.  HDA’s complete program is built around the monitoring security agreement, and given the specialized attention to security, our liquidation rates are higher than all other collection agencies in this marketspace.

HDA knows that all dealers have attrition issues, but what is done with those accounts could equate to lost revenue, or a recovery.  We have found that dealers who review their attrition for the past several months have no idea what actions are taken on non-paying accounts.  Once HDA is implemented into the dealers’ attrition program, HDA immediately begins action in locating, discussing, negotiating, and settling those accounts.  It is important for every dealer to understand the need to have a third party agency manage their bad debt portfolio following internal collection activities.

HDA’s collection program is simple.  Following a short interview, and contract formality, HDA can begin taking placements.  From there, the dealer can rest assured that HDA will begin its collection tactics via mail, telephone, and electronic tactics.  These tactics include skip tracing (via 5 external programs), extended hours for calling, full review settlement program, credit reporting, 5-phase letter series, and credit alert notifications.  HDA has set up specialized locating services with both USPS and TransUnion partners by rerouting letter series and notifying if updated credit.

The collection program is completely transparent in that customer will have logins to review the success, run real-time reports, and review payments.  A full client liaison team is also available to assist in collection questions, review information, and help with placements.

Date: June 29, 2017 @ 2:00pm EST