UL Listed:

  • A “UL Listed central station” is an alarm monitoring facility that has demonstrated the ability to provide Standards-complying service. For monitoring stations, UL requirements cover building structure, receiving and monitoring equipment, and staffing issues in addition to installation and ongoing service. To be able to provide Standards-complying service, the building, equipment and staffing requirements have to be met at all times.

FM Approved:

  • FM Approvals’ Central Station Placarding Program provides independent third-party verification of Code-Compliant Fire Alarm Signaling Systems for commercial and industrial applications.

IQ Certified:

  • In order to earn IQ Certification, companies must undergo a rigorous evaluation by the IQ Certification Board, made up of security, law enforcement, fire, state regulatory and insurance industry representatives. Throughout the application process, companies must demonstrate that they adhere to the IQ Certification Program’s strict Policies and Guidelines.
  • To ensure that these companies continue to meet the IQ Certification standards, they must annually demonstrate to the Board that they meet the IQ Certification guidelines to earn re-certification.

The Monitoring Association Five Diamond Certified:

  • The Monitoring Association Five Diamond 100% Operator Certified Central Station designation is granted to central stations that:
    • Have 100% of its central station operators certified by The Monitoring Association Central Station Operator Level I Online course.
    • Further pledge to continue all future certifications through The Monitoring Association.
    • Are members in good standing
    • Satisfy all of the requirements of the five points of excellence.

Companies achieving and maintaining The Monitoring Association Five Diamond Certification are committed to serving the public and the AHJs through the professional development and standardization of training for all of their central station operators.

This certification and its annual renewal demonstrate a commitment of The Monitoring Association Five Diamond Central Station to the continual upgrade in the performance levels of the central station operators who are the first line of defense in private sector emergency response.

  • Dynamark has been in the security business for over 40 years.
  • Our current staff has over 60 years of combined experience in the sales, installation and monitoring of commercial and residential security and fire systems.

The days of dedicated “receiver Line Cards” are long gone. Our state-of-the-art signal receiving technology includes:

  • Sur-Gard System 4 – Most Advanced Virtual Receiver Available
  • DMP – Proprietary for all DMP products
  • BOSCH 6600 – Insures proper translation of BOSCH/Radionics
  • Visor Alarm – Proprietary for Firelite’s Teldat Line
  • AES IntelliNet – Wireless Mesh Radio
  • Honeywell 7810 – High Speed Internet receiver

Tadiran Telecom has been providing the world’s most advanced and reliable business communication solutions for almost 50 years.   Dynamark’s Tadiran System allows us to provide you with the following:

  • Personalized Answering: We answer the phone using your company name. This truly makes us YOUR central station. As part of your team, we are here to help you.
  • Caller ID Injection: When we return calls to your customers, we insert your company information on the caller ID, so that they know the call is about the system that you installed.

We have three levels of redundancy

  • Level One: Our UPS System (Uninterruptible Power Supply) ensures that momentary power blips and surges will not disrupt our operations. It also provides surge protection against lightning strikes.
  • Level Two: Dynamark is serviced by Natural Gas Generac Generator with an continuous supply of municipal natural gas. This generator will run the entire facility for as long as ant local power outage may last. The generator is tested weekly.
  • Level Three: A secondary natural gas generator backs up the primary in the event that something causes it to cease to function, and will keep all critical operations functional. It is tested weekly.

Yes, Dynamark monitors IP signals through the Sur-Gard IV, DMP Receivers, Silent Knight, and Bosch.

Manitou by Bold:   Manitou is a revolutionary central station automation package, delivering excellence in flexibility and reliability designed to grow and adapt as your business grows and technology changes. This robust, customizable system enhances monitoring operations in ways never before thought possible.

DynaLink: DynaLink has been designed using Microsoft SilverLight to provide a richer, more in-depth experience for the user. Using this technology enables DynaLink to communicate through web services, allowing for a more interactive experience as well. DynaLink offers access to nearly every type of data entry available in Manitou, secured through permissions and profiles which can be set down to the field level. Offering an unparalleled flexibility, DynaLink will run on any major desktop browser on any major desktop platform – Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc.

  • Provides remote access to Customers, Dealers, and Technicians via the Internet.
  • Users can view, add, and update customer information based on their user permissions settings.
  • Technicians – use remote login to place a system on test without calling the Dealer or Central Station.
  • Customers – view account information and historical activity.
  • Dealers – view, edit and create new account information.
  • Compatible with all major desktop browsers, on any major desktop platform
  • Customizable – can be branded to the central station or to match a dealer’s colors and logo.
  • Access controlled by login permissions.
  • Data fields can be hidden, read-only, or editable depending on user permissions.
  • Statistics page to manage and identify alarm and account trends.
  • Instant reporting anytime, anywhere.

DynaLink Mobile: DynaLink Mobile takes mobile app functionality to a whole new level by providing dealers and technicians with streamlined account accessibility without requiring additional equipment. We’ve taken out the need for operator interaction by providing quick access to common activities, resulting in a lightweight, fast app that simply works on virtually any mobile device – iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nook, Kindle, etc. No separate PDA module is required.

Because DynaLink Mobile works perfectly with virtually any mobile device and tablet, problems with screen resolution and read errors are obsolete. In addition, the DynaLink Mobile App has been made simple and light to improve the performance, data usage, and simplicity of the user interface.

  • Basic Digital
  • IP
  • Commercial Fire
  • PERS
  • GSM/GSM Interactive (Alarm.com, AlarmNet, Telular, Uplink, Connect 24, IP DATA TEL, Star Link)
  • System Test (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly
  • Open/Close Reports (Supervised & Unsupervised)
  • Elevator Monitoring
  • Two-Way Voice
  • Billing & Collection
  • Basic Answering Services

The partner application process does not take very long. Once you sign a Letter of Intent to become a Dynamark Partner, our due diligence team will work closely with you to get all of the information we need to approve you as an Authorized Partner. The typical due diligence process takes about 14 days.

You will not have to worry any longer about joining a company that will run out of funding. Dynamark has a 40 year history and access to the funding you need to grow your business.

Of course you can. We not only allow you to keep your own accounts… we encourage it. Dynamark Partners use our UL Listed, CSAA Five Diamond Certified Central Station to protect the accounts they keep along with the ones they sell. With Dynamark, you don’t have to worry about maintaining two separate central stations. We’ve got you covered either way!

All Dynamark Partners start out by attending DynaMax, our New Partner Boot Camp. It is designed to get you started on the right foot. This 2 day training has everything you need to make your company stronger, smarter, and even more competitive than you already are. Not all programs are created equal, and the quality of training is what sets the better ones apart. This training is mandatory for all new Partners, but you won’t find it be burdensome. We think you’ll leave wanting more.

Dynamark lets you use yard signs that put your logo front and center, making you the focal point of the sale.   The toll free phone number printed on the sign forwards directly to your office making sure you never miss a lead.

That’s easy. Just call us at 855-562-5276, or click here to contact us on the web.

The Master Monitoring Agreement

  • Step one is getting you set up as dealer at Dynamark Monitoring. We will:
    • Agree on pricing
    • Have you complete and sign a Master Monitoring Agreement that will include:
      • Your Company Information
      • Personnel who are authorized to act on your behalf (including passwords)
      • Dispatch instructions
      • Runaway account contact
      • Trade References
    • Upon receipt of the Master Monitoring Agreement you will receive a dealer welcome e-mail that will include:
      • The phone number to use for programming panels
      • The phone number to provide to subscriber

The first thing to know is whether you control the phone line that dials into your current central station. This means that you either pay the phone bill every month, or you have a separate agreement with your current central station that give you the right to point that line somewhere else.

  • Scenario 1: You Do Not Control The Phone Line(s) – In this case, your only choice is to reprogram the panels. Any panels that are cell primary (e.g. Alarm.com, Total Connect) can be easily redirected, but POTS line systems will have to be individually reprogrammed.
  • Scenario 2: You Do Control the Phone Line(s) – This is much simpler case. When you can point the lines to Dynamark, we follow these steps:
    • Obtain the Master Data File from Your Central Station
    • Convert and enter the data into Dynamark’s system
    • Have you (or your staff) check the data for accuracy
    • Schedule the phone line switch
    • Dynamark begins saving you money and serving your customers

Dynamark will help you coordinate a mailing to your customers letting them know the effective date of the change, and any new phone numbers they will need to call to interface with the central station (keep in mind that we will answer all of these calls using your company name).

Hopefully, we answered your questions.  If not, please feel free to give us a call.  One of our Specialists will be more than happy to assist you with any questions we haven’t covered.