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As a referral agent you will have the opportunity to earn an exceptional income from each dealer or partner that generates business:

  • Wholesale Dealer: 1X times the RMR paid for 12 months  
    (EX: A dealer moves 250 accounts to our central station over one year at $4.00 per account. You make a $1,000 check!
  • Bulk Buys: 1X times the RMR for any approved portfolio of accounts during a one year period 
    (EX: the dealer sells 200 accounts at $30 RMR. You will be paid $6,000)
  • Authorized Partner: 1X times the RMR paid for 12 months 
    (EX: You find a security company interested in selling their accounts on a weekly basis as a Dynamark Partner. He generates 50 per month at $50 RMR per account. That’s $2,500 per month, or $30,000 in one year!)

January 2018 Referral Agent Standings

J.S. - Cottonwood, AZ 2917.85 USD 2917.85 USD
P.B. - Scottsdale, AZ 895.20 USD 895.20 USD
G.K. - Hagerstown, MD 830.85 USD 830.85 USD
D.M. - Sunrise, FL 33.10 USD 33.10 USD
A.L. - Greenville, SC 0 USD 0 USD
D.G. - Murray, UT 0 USD 0 USD
D.P. - Jupiter, FL 0 USD 0 USD
G.P. - Orlando, FL 0 USD 0 USD
J.W. - Washington, DC 0 USD 0 USD
J.S. - North Canton, OH 0 USD 0 USD
K.M. - Harrisburg, PA 0 USD 0 USD
M.M. - Phoenix, AZ 0 USD 0 USD
M.S. - Lago Vista, TX 0 USD 0 USD
M.S. - Palm Harbor, FL 0 USD 0 USD
T.O. - Furlong, PA 0 USD 0 USD
T.S. - Cincinnati, OH 0 USD 0 USD
T.P. - Hagerstown, MD 0 USD 0 USD

Dynamark Calendar

One of our regional managers may be traveling to an area near you. If you’d like to schedule a meeting email us a day and time that works for you.

  • March 14-16: NJ ESA Symposium – Atlantic City, NJ
  • April 11-13:  ISC West – Las Vegas, NV


Did you miss our last webinar? Each month Dynamark hosts an informative webinar featuring any upcoming news and a presentation from one of our Premier Providers. You can view the latest webinar online now, featuring Keith Godsey and a presentation from Nortek.

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