A unique chance has been created for you to partner with Dynamark, and be part of a  financially lucrative opportunity.

We realize that there are over 13,000 alarm companies in America, but many of these do not know Dynamark. What if we could align ourselves with successful authorized partners, dealers, service anchors and vendors to expand our name and our brand? How would we do it?

We would need a top notch team of successful business-people that were “MAVENS” for the Dynamark philosophy. What is a Maven you ask? Here is the definition from Wikipedia:

A maven (also mavin) is a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others.

At Dynamark we are on the lookout for mavens who not only love what we stand for, but want to spread the Dynamark business opportunity to others. That’s why we created a referral program, and that’s why we are looking for key agents (or a few excited mavens).

So what’s in it for me, you ask? Well, how about a lucrative financial opportunity: For every dealer or partner that joins business with us to place their in-house accounts at our central station, or sells us alarm accounts, you the agent, will benefit:

  • Wholesale Dealer: 1X times the RMR paid for 12 months  
    (EX: A dealer moves 250 accounts to our central station over one year at $4.00 per account. You make a $1,000 check!
  • Bulk Buys: 1X times the RMR for any approved portfolio of accounts during a one year period 
    (EX: the dealer sells 200 accounts at $30 RMR. You will be paid $6,000)
  • Authorized Partner: 1X times the RMR paid for 12 months 
    (EX: You find a security company interested in selling their accounts on a weekly basis as a Dynamark Partner. He generates 50 per month at $50 RMR per account. That’s $2,500 per month, or $30,000 in one year!)

It’s that easy. So how does one become an agent (or maven if you still like that name) for Dynamark:

  1. Really decide if you think Dynamark is a company you feel proud to refer. If yes…
  2. Contact the regional manager in your area to discuss further, or simply fill out the form on this site:


Rich Cowan
Vice President of Sales, Western US
Hank Groff
Senior Vice President, Sales & Business Development
Michael Hutcher
Vice President of Sales, Eastern Region
  1. The regional manager in your area will review the program. If you like what you hear…
  2. Sign the Referral Agent (RA) agreement on DocuSign (It’s easy and fun!)
  3. When you find a lead, send it by email or text to the regional manager. If the lead is in another area, your regional will pass it on to the right regional, but don’t worry, you will still get credit.
  4. GET READY TO SEE THE CHECKS! Commission will be paid within 15 days following the previous months’ production.

Want to know more? Fill out the form below, or contact the regional in your area.

A referral agent is neither an employee nor a representative of Dynamark Security Centers.

If you have further questions about the position and its responsibilities, please contact the regional manager in your area.