Dynamark Security Centers

The transition into Dynamark’s program was seamless and comfortable. We felt like a member of the team from day one. The quality of service is seen by both the customer and the dealer.

Larry Conner, 1st Security USA

When I get a customer calling with a problem, I can always get a hold of somebody at Dynamark to help get the job done. Even on weekends and holidays, unlike other central stations, Dynamark is always there to help.

Alan Hartley, Verified Alarm

Dynamark was able to make some changes to fit exactly what we were looking for. Even though it was outside of the box of what some dealers normally do. They genuinely seem to care about what we’re doing, and that’s important.

Antonio Chavez, Level 2 Automation

Dynamark has aligned itself with the values that drive our business - we always put the customer first.

Kelley Clements, Southern Alarm

I love the customer service and assistance I get from everyone at Dynamark. They are always willing to help me whenever I call and to go that extra mile to find any information I might need.

Jean Booth, SkyTec Security

As a Dynamark Dealer I really appreciate your hard work. I have worked with other central stations and not one compares to Dynamark. I sleep well at night knowing that you are there to protect and assist my customers. I ask that you please pass this "Thank You" on to all of your Central Station Operators.

Bud Addis, Premier Security

We made the switch to Dynamark, and it wasn’t for price. Their service is terrific. If you haven’t switched yet, you should.

Scott Wyant, Morgantown Security and Fire during Dynamark Convention 2012

As a new associate with your company and a beginner with your software, the help I’ve received bringing our customers on line has been great not to mention the added value from a few of our customers. It is a pleasure working with you guys and so far our customers that have dealt with you guys are very pleased. What a plus for our company.

Gene Saus, Field Service Supervisor, Firefighter Sales & Service Co.

I’ve been apprehensive about starting over with a new Central Station for a while now. My old CS has treated me well, and I have formed a good personal relationship with them over the years. But now that I’ve been introduced to Dynamark, I see the role of the CS a little differently. I was pleasantly surprised by the immediate personal service and professional attitude. The very first time I called the CS, the representative answered the phone by stating MY company name. I appreciate the effort in making your service personalized and seamless from the customer’s point of view. The operator who I spoke to knew who I was by name. She had been informed we were a new dealer to Dynamark, and would be calling in with our first account. I was also very impressed with the online dealer portal. It’s perfectly geared towards tracking many useful customer systems statistics. All of these things seem to flow together nicely. I look forward to a long future with Dynamark! Thanks!

Ryan Shay, Talon Security

I just wanted to thank you for all that you and your monitoring staff do for us on a daily basis. You truly have some of the greatest dispatchers I have ever dealt with. Everyone always goes above and beyond to assist with any issue or situation. It really means a lot to have such a dedicated monitoring company that cares about our customers as much as we do. It is very unique to find hard working dedicated employees, and that I believe is why your monitoring center is so successful. It is an honor to work with you and your coworkers. Please be sure to let all of your staff know how much they are appreciated on our behalf. Again, thanks for all you do, and the time you have taken from day one to build a relationship with myself and our company. You and I working together as closely as we have is why everything runs so smoothly. So, thank you for making that possible. I look forward to many years of continued success working with all of you. Thanks.

Adam Burrows, Morgantown Security & Fire