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M2M Mini01 - Dynamark Monitoring

M2M Mini01 GPRS – is it actually too good to be true??? That is the question I had to ask after hearing about this miniature radio communicator. The sales rep said, “You won’t believe how fast the signal gets from the premise to the central station; it is the fastest GSM out there.” My curiosity was peaked, so I asked, “Why don’t you send me one so we can evaluate it for ourselves?” A couple of days later the M2M Mini01 arrived and we were ready to do some testing.

We just happened to have a burglar alarm panel on hand so we powered it up, programmed it with a phone number and set it to send contact ID. The next step was to connect the Mini01 to the panel, the red and gray wires to aux + and aux-, the yellow and green to tip and ring and that was it. The installation was complete, so now it was time for the test. We armed the system and tripped a burg zone and set the timer to see how long it would actually take for the signal to hit the Bold software. Drum roll please…………….. WOW!!! Actual elapsed time was 6 seconds flat, very impressive. We continued to send more test signals and the transmission time was consistently between 5 and 6 seconds. We were pleasantly surprised and what I thought was too good to be true, actually was true. It is a rare occasion when a product that is so affordable actually far exceeds expectations and increases profitability at the same time.

But there’s more…….. by connecting another pair of wires from the Mini01 (the orange and white wires), programming the panel to enable open/close reports, and programming a zone for key switch operation, the remote arm/disarm was enabled. Download the RControl app from the app store, set up a username and password, which are provided in the installation instructions, and you are ready to remotely control your panel from your smart phone.


To order, simply fill out the form on the right, send me an email (mhutcher@dynamarkmonitoring.com), or call our Premier Provider FAST Security Distribution at: 1 (800) 372-7447


“We love the M2M units. They install very quickly. No need to preregister. The App is set up in seconds. Our customers love the speed of the app and the ease of use. Thank you for getting them to us.”
– Peter Stanton, Security Center of America

“I couldn’t be happier with the new Mini01-4G Cellular communicator, I have installed three now and they go in quick and easy. I tried them in a couple of poor cell areas and they work great. It takes 5 minutes to install them and because they are already registered to me I don’t have to do any set up. Just program the account number in the panel and test system. Great price on both the unit and my monthly.”
– David Pearson, Radio Alarms

“Love these things! Fast install and quick connection. With hook-ups this easy, I use them on every system I install.”
– Lou Clawges, Security Electronics

We are so impressed with the device’s performance that we are offering this money back guarantee:

If the unit does not meet your expectations or does not perform as stated, simply return it for a full refund.

If you are a new customer with Dynamark, your first 3 months of monitoring on your initial Mini01 is on us! (A completed Master Monitoring Agreement is required).

Features and Benefits


2G Sunset Project- Dynamark Monitoring

The 2G sunset is projected to be December 31, 2016. Have all of your 2G accounts been upgraded to 3G or 4G? If not, you are running out of time and according to Security Systems News’ latest poll, you are not alone. 65% of the respondents still had 2G accounts to upgrade. Why not use the Mini01 as a way to keep your upgrade costs down? The cost for the device is only $69.95 and the total monthly fee for the monitoring is just $5.00. Factor in the reduced labor time for the install and you have additional savings. You could also use the upgrade as an opportunity to renew your customer’s contracts and upsell on some of your newer product offerings. You can turn this into a winning situation! There is no putting it off any longer. Either upgrade now or risk losing the account. This really can be a perfect, “turning lemons into lemonade” scenario.

The Mini01 Connects to:

Concord 4 NetworX NX6/NX8 Vista 15P/20P DSC 1616/1832/1834

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