By: Jonathan Byrd On: September 16, 2016 In: DynaBlog Comments: 0

Meet Hank Groff – Senior Vice President of Dynamark

How did you first get into the alarm business?
I was a young 27 year old going back to college and trying to find a job after six years in the military. I walked into ADT, they asked me three questions, and hired me on the spot. The class had literally already started but they let me join. It was an answer to a prayer for a young husband with two small boys.

Tell us about your family
I have an amazing wife of almost 27 years and four fantastic kids: two boys and two girls. My younger son, a graduate from FSU for visual art, is also an elite powerlifter. He has the North American and collegiate record for bench press – 606 lbs. My daughter, a senior at FSU, is studying to be a film actress. And my wife owns a boutique in Jacksonville Beach, FL. I guess we are just a bunch of artists.

What do you best love and hate about the alarm security industry?
I love the entrepreneur spirit about our business. Almost anyone can get into the industry, and with hard work and a good character you can build a successful business, whether you sell your accounts or you keep them. The part of the alarm industry that concerns me is that our free spirit can also allow people with low moral character to get in and mislead good Americans. It pains me to see how the industry that people should be able to trust the most can try to take advantage of them. I hope we all work together to see less and less of these types of businesses over the years.

What is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you while in the business?
I was training a door knocking crew in Indiana. I heard a loud bang and we ran up to a man in a truck having a heart attack. The truck had hit a tree, gas was spilling everywhere while the wheels were still spinning and smoke was starting to build. We turned off the truck and stopped the bleeding until the paramedics arrived. One hour later, we raced over to a woman who was cutting her lawn and had a massive heart attack. We started CPR and shortly thereafter the paramedics arrived. It was the same team who had helped the man in the truck. When they saw us, they exclaimed, “Man, you guys are everywhere!”