I’d Like to Meet You

Hank Groff

Hank Groff
Senior Vice President
Sales & Business Development

I will be traveling through Texas soon and would love the opportunity to meet with you and share some of the unique advantages of working with Dynamark Security Centers. 

When comparing alarm monitoring companies, there are three important factors to consider: price, relationship, and fast response. At Dynamark, we address these three key areas as part of our mission to be the best alarm monitoring company in the industry.

I hope we can find a time that fits your busy schedule so that we can discuss the Dynamark Difference. Please use the form on this page to give me some more information about you and suggest a meeting date.




We WILL save you money. Any central station can wow you with a low base rate, but from basic digital monitoring all the way to daily test signals, you have a lot of options. We’ll discuss what you need, and deliver the value that both you and subscribers expect.


A True Partnership. We pay you for handling service to the accounts, let you handle upsells to the customer, pay a bonus for re-signing the customer, and allow you to receive any and all sales leads from the business you generate.

Loan & Funding

Dynamark’s loan and funding program will deliver the needed overall creation cost multiple to achieve the dealer’s vision: Increase their own portfolio of accounts, and gain financial stability.

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