Dynamark is excited to announce, “THE DYNAMARK LEAD AFFILIATE PROGRAM”. Our company has finally built a consumer facing website ( www.dynamarksecurity.com ) and have already begun to receive leads of people interested in getting more information on an alarm system. As you may know, Dynamark does not currently sell or install alarm systems, so we are relying on our fellow dealers and partners to run these leads. Here are the details of the program:

  • Any dealer or partner (LEAD AFFILIATE – LA) interested in obtaining leads must fill out the submittal form and commit to contacting the leads in a timely manner (within 24 hours).
  • The LA agrees to be charged $150 for each lead that turns into a sale and is activated with our central station for monitoring. We will be tracking these leads to make sure they were properly handled.If the lead comes from Dynamark and is sold, it must be activated within our central station.
  • If the lead was referred by a person who was installed by one of our dealers and/or partners, we will attempt to give the lead to that dealer/partner, provided they signed up to be an LA. If they did not agree, we will give the lead to the closed LA.
  • All LAs will be measured on their effectiveness to close these leads. If the close ratio is low ( % to be determined), then Dynamark reserves the right to give the leads to an LA that has a higher percentage of close ratio.

We hope you will consider this opportunity, and sign up to be one of our Lead Affiliates. We would like everyone to make their decision and fill out the form to the right no later than Friday 12/9.


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