By: Jonathan Byrd On: October 31, 2015 In: Articles Comments: 0

Dynamark has a long proven track record of providing the highest class of security center.  They are committed to protecting your homes and your loved ones 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  When it comes to the quality of operating a monitoring station they have at least 60 years of experience to back it up.

They have met the requirements set up by different associations such as UL.  In order to be accredited by UL, a monitoring station would have to provide a top notch service, equipment, staffing and building all at the same time.  They are also certified by IQ; wherein a security center must undergo a thorough analysis of the IQ Certification Board, which is comprised of different agencies. Dynamark is also approved by FM and a certified CSAA five diamond, which is difficult to achieve.

Dynamark’s state of the art Central Monitoring Station is supported by the latest security system that enhances their monitoring in a way that is not possible before.  Designed by the top software engineers and architects, Dynalink offers the user to experience a more in depth analysis.  Dynalink can also communicate through different web services that enable them to present a richer interactive experience.  With Dynalink, Dynamark can easily provide customer support and technical support to their customers via Internet.  Users can now update their information by changing their settings.  Customers can also view their account history and information.  Best of all Dynalink is supported by the major operating system.  There is also a friendly mobile app that you can install on your devices making it possible to access your account in just a touch of your fingertips.

Dynamark is also equipped with the latest technology such as  Sur-GardSystem IV Virtual Receiver, a receiver on the monitoring station that makes it possible for the central monitoring system to receive burglar and fire alarm in an unprecedented accuracy,  Tadiran Telecommunications Gateway which is known to be an excellent  communication platform, Silent Knight that monitors fire alarms through the Internet, which is an easier way to manage your facility, AES Radio Mesh Network that offers unparalleled stability, speed and durability.

Their monitoring station can also help you expand your business by offering you a partnership at a very affordable price.  They will also provide you with a proper coaching and training in order to achieve the maximum business output.  There will be trainers on sale that offer a one-on-one coaching to your sales representative on how to properly handle a customer and also on expanding their skills on sales and management.  These benefits are open to all active dealers.

Choosing the right monitoring station is vital.  A lot of factors must be considered including longevity, quality, satisfaction and a whole lot more.  At this age, it is highly impossible to find a monitoring station that you can trust and will be able to pass down to your children.  Fortunately, Dynamark is guaranteed to offer you world class services and satisfaction.