By: Dan Darty On: April 04, 2019 In: Dealer Only Blog, Dynamark All Users, Ticker Comments: 0

The New School App for Old School Dudes

Dynamark Monitoring, one of the few 5-Diamond central stations in the US, has developed a state of the art mobile app that allows you to control your service experience from start to finish. No longer will you have to call Dealer Services for simple tasks, like putting accounts on test. Why wait on hold, when you can have total control at your fingertips? The BoldNet Mobile App puts you in the driver seat. Whether you have an Apple or an Android device, BoldNet gives you the power to place an account on test, view an activity log or zone list, check signals and much more, right in the palm of your hand. When on a service call, time can be of the essence and why make your day in the field any longer than it has to be? The BoldNet App was created for ease of use and speed of project completion. After logging in, you simply do a customer search and your customer’s entire account is readily available to you. You will have access to each account’s contact or call list, along with the ability to see past and present maintenance issues and which technician handled them. You can download the BoldNet Mobile App for Android here and for Apple here.

If you do not wish to download another app onto your phone, no worries, BoldNet can easily be signed into from your phone, tablet or other mobile device with just a few clicks. Dynamark’s BoldNet program was designed for PC or mobile device viewing. Either way you want to access BoldNet, Dynamark Monitoring has you covered. There are online training videos for BoldNet available for quick reviews and questions, along with a one-on-one webinar training at your request for either the mobile app or the PC version by sending an email to ksummers@dynamarkmonitoring.com.