By: Jonathan Byrd On: October 31, 2015 In: Articles Comments: 0

Security is essential in every premise. The safety of your premises or lack of one thereof depends on the choice of security system you make. In addition, the response of an alarm monitoring station determines the outcome of an emergency. Indeed, their response in case of a security breach can make a big difference. If you want to choose the right business security system, consider the following factors.


Visible Security System

The best way to minimize intrusion incidences is to have a visible security system. When people know that your premises have a security system, they are less likely to intrude.  If you have cameras strategically placed around your house or business premises, the intruders will pay less attention because they know that an alarm monitoring station is observing the premises, and it will respond within the shortest time possible. In addition, the cameras will discourage burglars and they will move to the next easy target.


Security Installation Fee

Before signing up with an alarm monitoring station, go through the contract and ensure that you understand the charges. Sign up the contract if you can afford the fees. Fortunately, a security company can offer you their various security options and offer you a chance to choose the most affordable system for your premises. It is important to note that not all security companies are straightforward with their charges. Ensure that there are no hidden charges before signing the contract.


The Size of the Alarm Monitoring Station

Once you install the security system, you require a reliable customer support in case of an emergency. If you choose an established security company, you will have got timely customer support and a stable service. On the other hand, the security company should have the time to attend to you on a time. Choosing a very large company might be a setback when it comes to personalized services. Therefore, establish a balance and get a provider who is reliable and supportive.



Once you have the security system in place, you require proper training on how to operate it. Ensure that the alarm monitoring station provides a technician who will help you learn how to operate the security system. Thereby, you will avoid unnecessary costs that stem from false alarms. If you have adequate training, you can handle false alarms internally and avoid the additional costs. Furthermore, you can teach other people in your premises or home how to operate the system.


System Connection and Flexibility

As mentioned earlier, there are many security systems options available. Therefore, ask the alarm monitoring station of the available options before you sign up. In addition, gain an understanding of the system connections. Ask for backup options, in addition to the regular main phone line connection. This can be a backup plan in case burglars disconnect the main line.